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January 09, 2020

v2.53.31 — Spring cleaning for the New Year!

Better resources

GraphQL resources now have a schema explorer!

  • You can now specify a database index/number for Redis resources
  • Our Lambda integration now supports Invocation type


  • Support restoring signatures from images in the Signature component
  • Add “isOpen” property to Modals
  • Better currency support for TextInput components

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issues with on-premise deployments on Ubuntu 16
  • Fix issue where callbacks in custom components were not being called correctly
  • Fix issue where empty strings instead of nulls were inserted into tables
  • Fix issue where JSON values from MultiSelect components weren’t parsed correctly
  • Fix syntax highlighting for dropdown values
  • Display Dropdown cells in Tables correctly in compact mode
  • Stop converting dates to strings during Git syncing
  • Bulk updates now work correctly in filtered tables
  • Remove extra scroll bars in the Query library
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December 07, 2019

v2.53.18 — Add rows directly to tables and a better Omnibox

Add New Row

You can now add new rows to your data directly from your table. Useful when you don’t want to build a form :)

Better Omnibox

The new Omnibox (Cmd/Ctrl+K) now can take you to Resources, Folders, the Query library, and Settings in addition to the usual Retool apps


  • Added image/png as a type in GCS resources
  • Added better instructions to Container, Tabbed Container, and List View
  • Added option to enable batch querying for MSSQL queries
  • Accept multiple variable definitions in REST and GraphQL resources using custom auth
  • Fixed bug where {{ }} in URLs in REST and GraphQL resources were not being processed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where mappers were not working correctly with filters
  • Fixed a bug where Retool resources (REST, Run JS Code, etc.) did not work correctly in staging
  • Performance and reliability improvements
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November 21, 2019

v2.52.16 — Complex table cells + Chart v2, File Dropzone, and a new Query Library

Complex Table Cells

Tables now support much more than just text. Columns can now be a Checkbox, TextInput, DatePicker, Button or Dropdown. This feature also completely integrates with bulk updates, making editing your data as simple as editing a table.

Refreshed Query Library

We’ve added a series of features along with a brand new look!

  • A View History button to look through query history and revert to an earlier version
  • A usage view to see which apps are using this query
  • Use imported javascript libraries inside {{ }}
  • A search field to find specific queries
  • Permission toggle to show/hide the library to different user groups


A Filepicker widget when expanded will become a dropzone.

Chart v2

We’ve added a new Chart component that lets you use all three charts in one.


  • Switching resources no longer clears out your query
  • Memory leak fixes for on-premise customers
  • MongoDB resources now support SSL and self signed certificates
  • MongoDB resources now support `updateMany`
  • Snowflake resources let you specify a DB schema
  • Table mappers now work correctly with filters
  • Apps with a large number of queries have better performance
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November 14, 2019

November 14, 2019 v2.52.16 — Auto-generate apps and table filters

As always please reach out to feedback@retool.com with comments and requests!

Auto-generate Apps


You can now generate a simple app automatically for Postgres and MySQL. Pick a table and a field to filter on, and we’ll build it for you 🙂

BETA — Table filters

You can now filter for values on the Table Component, no config necessary. Let us know what you think!


  • Added option to return raw date strings in MySQL instead of JS objects
  • Fixed a bug where Cassandra, BigQuery, Denodo, Vertica, Snowflake resources could not write
  • Fixed a bug where users couldn’t be invited and added to a group at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where GraphQL resources crashed if they had invalid schemas
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November 07, 2019

November 6, 2019 v2.52.10 — Reorder query tabs + a new Cascader component


You can now reorder query tabs! Sometimes, it’s the little things 🙂

Cascader Component

When you need a dropdown with nested options, you can use our new Cascader component


  • Table cells have a new type: Modal — Clicking on a cell of this type will open a modal. You can use selectedRow.data to customize your components inside.
  • You can show and hide columns using {{ }} in the Column Settings section

Query Library

  • You can now delete your own queries in the Query Library
  • Query runs are now tracked in the audit log
  • REST resources are now displayed correctly with the base URL


  • Query preview now shows the data after transformation
  • Forms now validate text inputs of type email correctly
  • On-premise users now have git-syncing for resources
  • The MSSQL resource now lets you dynamically override username and password
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October 29, 2019

October 28, 2019 v2.51.4 — Notes with threads, schema search, and checkout with Braintree

Notes v2

We’ve heard your feedback and built out a version 2 of the Notes component. You can now leave multiple comments, and also see who commented and when!


We spiced up the schema viewer for SQL based resources. You can search by table, field, and collapse and expand columns. We’ve also made scrolling through more responsive.

Braintree component

We added a Braintree component to accept payments — and to keep our Stripe component company 🙂

Query Library!?

The Query Playground is now the Query Library. We want the name to reflect the core functionality we’ve added to to the Library, like reusable queries. We hope this doesn’t stop you from playing around and experimenting though!

You can now pass along links to specific queries in the playground. This should make sharing queries much easier.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 1.59.37 PM.png


  • Table columns are now sorted by the unmapped value. Now, using a mapper on a column won’t affect your sorting.
  • The Create button on the home page is now disabled for users who can’t create apps
  • Fixed SSL connections for legacy versions of Aurora
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