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February 08, 2019

v2.38.6 Performance, 2FA, etc.

Managing User Permission Improvements

  • The Permissions dashboard has been optimized to work with cases with large numbers of users and apps
  • Searching for users and apps now works through fuzzy matching.
  • Add an option to set the permissions of a group to "none"

Mandatory 2FA

  • Admins can now require all users to enable 2FA.

JSON Schema Form improvements

  • Fixed: the form will only begins validating once inputs are dirty
  • The form now supports ui:disabled and ui:readonly
  • Added an option to either validate the form as the user types, or only when the form is submitted.


  • Add .skip parameter to our CouchDB integration
  • Initial page load time for on-premise Retool users can be up to 2-3s faster.
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