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March 17, 2020

v2.54.19 — Validation and Visuals

Along with improvements to forms, we’ve continued our series of visual tweaks. We’ll be tweaking these designs over the next few months. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Powerful validation options

We’ve added a number of validation options to validate your inputs. For example, you can check that a value in a Text Input is now a valid email address in 2 clicks. You can also customize the error message you show to your users.

Duplicate apps from the editor

A little easier on the eyes

A new set of colors to make Retool more accessible

Our new colors and their improved accessibility ratings

More consistent tables, typography, and containers

A new navigation bar

… to give you a little more horizontal space

New styles for all resource forms

… as part of our quest to make adding a resource as easy as possible

An easier way to create apps

A new `Share` button

...for sharing links for editors, viewers, and for embedding public apps

Other improvements

  • Added a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+b / Cmd+b to open and close the Model browser
  • Added support for newer AWS regions (eu-north-1, me-south-1, us-gov-east-1, and us-gov-west-1) for DynamoDB and Athena.


  • Fixed a bug where background colors for modals and file pickers weren’t configurable
  • Fixes a bug where Table mappers that refer to something outside of the Table's data scope would not update properly.
  • Performance improvements for Retool apps with many components
  • Fixed a bug where `Select` and `TextInput` components inside `ListView` components might crash
  • Handle raw SQL statements on Oracle DB correctly
  • Fix issue with SQL Server resource connections
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