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February 22, 2020

A New Editor

Colors, fonts, and spacing!

We’ll be tweaking these designs over the next few months. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Some highlights

  • New fonts and colors
  • A new query editor, with a vertically scrolling list of queries
  • An ability to hide the schema
  • A more compact right hand side
  • A more compact model browser

The old hamburger icon has been replaced with a new menu, and the options have moved to a next to the “Share” button.

A New Container

Containers now support

  • Titles
  • Background colors
  • Toggling the drop shadow and border
  • and scrolling!

Performance improvements

  • General editor performance improvements
  • Dragging new components onto the canvas should be faster
  • Dropdown components are faster when using “Max Results”
  • Faster scrolling for wide tables
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Thank you for your feedback.